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Speaker – Trainer – Author
Angela Heath

For over two decades, Angela Heath has enjoyed a successful career as an award-winning speaker, trainer and author. Early in her professional career, she authored three books after being approached by two publishing companies to write them. These books laid the foundation for the launch of a successful consulting practice and speaking/training career. As a sought-after speaker and advance-level toastmaster, Angela has crisscrossed the country training and lecturing. With her unique, charismatic style, she encourages, challenges and teaches her audience in a way that is exhilarating and exciting. Audiences leave her presentations absolutely astounded, informed about the subject matter, motivated and armed with practical action plans.

Angela began exploring how companies and individuals can use innovation practices to restart stalled-out processes and procedures. After closer examination, she learned that the majority of managers in the work environment are resistant, leaders are bored, and workers hate their jobs viewing them as pointless. But worst of all, many have simply given up, wasting untapped creativity and potential. After interviewing dozens of thought leaders, researching behavior change, and testing theories, Angela realized re-invention is her sweet spot, something she had done for years. She helps women set and reach their goals; creates systems change and systematic planning processes and guides baby boomers in dusting off old dreams to start businesses and charitable organizations.

Soon Angela Heath began invigorating corporate mid-managers, sales teams and non-profit leaders to re-invent themselves, converting life experiences, skills and passion into profit for their companies while branding themselves. Armed with a deep understanding of behavior change theory, Ms. Heath leaves her audience with practical, methodical, on-the-ground tactics that work. Popular speeches and training include:

• Legends are Made Lecture Series – This one-day program contains four stand-alone modules that propel you into excellence of the legendary proportion. Modules include:

(1) The Legendary Mindset – Learning to think legendary
(2) Identifying Your Legendary Attributes – How to maximize your natural talents
(3) Legendary International Personal Branding – On-line branding strategies
(4) Fully Legendary Presentations – Simple skills for powerful briefings

• Booming Again: Helping Mid-level Managers Boom as Top Performers
• The New KPI: Building Successful Multi-Generational Teams
• Keys to Permanent Change: The Fundamentals for Lasting Achievement
• Connecting to the Caregiver Market
• Growing Your Business Through Inexpensive Online Platforms
• CARE Act Readiness
• Understanding Behavior Change for Closing Sells

Today, Angela Heath resides in Kensington, MD outside of the Washington, DC area with her son and is working on her fourth book, Jobs for Baby Boomers? How to Make Money While You Look for a Job. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering and working on activities with her local church and women’s groups.

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