DSC_2703 web (3)Speaker, Trainer and Author Angela Heath is a woman with much to say…. and people are listening.  As a mentor and coach to baby boomers, Angela helps you launch into your life purpose building on the dreams, talents and experience your already have! She frequently states with passion, “You can’t live 45 years without having something of value that others are seeking and are willing to pay for.  It’s simply impossible!”

Over two decades ago, Angela stopped working to make others successful and began living her dream life speaking and training around the country.  A well-respected gerontologist, Angela Heath has researched and developed educational materials for baby boomers and seniors on dozens of topics.  However, everywhere she traveled, people would approach her and ask how she got started in business and requested tips to help them follow their passion.

She found herself facilitating accountability groups, writing articles and coaching boomers and others on how to monetize what they already know. Angela teaches finding convergence where talents, passions and experience collide; becoming before doing; using existing platforms for quick growth, marketing and growth strategies and thought leadership development.

Here at Angela Heath Speaks, you will find resources and great tips on how you, too, can pursue your purpose. One of the free tools offered to help you get started is the BIG Assessment where you can explore how to make more money using what you already know.

Learn how to monetize your skills, passions and experience